Harold H. Dingman, John Deer Implement Dealer

Harold H. Dingman, John Deer Implement Dealer - The Farmers' Museum
Harold H. Dingman, John Deer Implement Dealer
Photographic print. Display of four John Deere tractors of varying sized models outside of a John Deere equipment dealership. The dealer is Harold H. Dingman in Sharon Springs, Schoharie County, New York. A GMC truck with Dingman's name and location of his dealership is parked prominently in the center of the display of tractors. Several men and women stand around the tractors outdoors. A man, woman or child sits on each of the four tractors. Dingman also sold Goodyear tires to farmers. Included in the photo is one of each of a John Deere model A, LA, B and H (respectively). Three large, vertical banners with "John Deere" sewn or printed on them hang from a heavy wire over top of the tractor display. The dealership consists of a wooden clad showroom with large front windows on the right and a cement block garage to the left of the showroom. A dirt road or driveway passes in front of the dealership.
Physical dimensions: 
height 8 in ; width 10 in