Hallenbecks Store, Franklinton, N.Y.

Hallenbecks Store, Franklinton, N.Y. - The Farmers' Museum
Hallenbecks Store, Franklinton, N.Y.
Real photo postcard. Five men and three children stand in front of Hallenbeck's Store in Franklinton, New York. There are also two teams of horses hitched to a buggy and wagon. The building is a two-story clapboard structure with loading doors on the first and second stories. The store front consists of large plate glass windows. Some rocks and debris litter the ground including burlap sacks, crates, and barrels. A little boy stands with a bicycle on the far right. Another boy stands, slightly bent forward, leaning against a stack. Four individuals including a little girl stands in front of the store in a dark jacket and light skirt.
Physical dimensions: 
width 5.5 in
height 3.5 in