Group of Men on Bales of Cotton

Group of Men on Bales of Cotton - The Farmers' Museum
Group of Men on Bales of Cotton
Photographic Print. Print is adhered to dark grey board. Six men sit and stand on baled cotton in Wellsburg, New York. Cotton bales are scattered throughout a lawn that surrounds a large barn building in the the background. The cotton appears to be bound into bales by burlap and rope. Five of the men sit on the bales, while the man on the far right leans against one of the bales. They are all wearing overalls, long sleeves, work boots, and hats. The barn in the background seems to have cotton covering the roof where the vents appear in the roof. A stand of trees is visible along the left side of the image in the background.
Physical dimensions: 
height 6 in ; width 8.25 in