Group at Kunkle's Grove

Group at Kunkle's Grove - The Farmers' Museum
Group at Kunkle's Grove
Photographic Print in an album. A group stands for the camera in a field at Kunkle's Grove. Five women, two men stand while six children sit at their feet. The woman to the far left holds a young child. A stand of trees is visible behind the group. From left to right: the first two women both wear light blouses and dark skirts, the following two women both wear light skirts and blouses, the last woman wears a dark, vertically stripped blouse and dark skirt. The first man stands behind the second and third woman and is wearing a bow-tie and hat. The other man stands between the fourth and fifth woman and wears a light collared shirt and tie with dark trousers. The children seem to be wearing summer play clothing, two of the young girls have large bows in their hair.
Physical dimensions: 
height 2.75 in ; width 4.125 in