Franklinville, NY milk strike, 1957

Franklinville, NY milk strike, 1957 - The Farmers' Museum
Franklinville, NY milk strike, 1957
Photographic print. Documentary/Newspaper photograph from the associated press. Image shows nine men actively dumping milk from milk cans in the street in Franklinville, N.Y. on February 26, 1957. Another man is on the back of a truck looking away from the group. Another car is behind the group dumping the milk. A Breyer's Ice Cream Factory is in the background. Three people dressed in white stand in the doorway of the factory looking on. This scene took place during the milk strike in New York State during 1957. On the left edge of the image is typewritten: (BF1) FRANKLINVILLE, N.Y., FEB. 26- A SPLATTER OF WHITE HITS THE GROUND HERE TODAY AS A GROUP OF DAIRY FARMERS STRIKING FOR HIGHER PRICES KNOCK OVER MILK CANS IN FRONT OF THE LOCAL PLANT OF BREYER'S ICE CREAM PLANT. STIKERS ARE BEING LED BY MEMBERS OF THE TRI-STATE MASTER DAIRY FARMERS GUILD. (APWIREPHOTO) (RW31220BEN) 1957.
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print size 8" x 10"