Four-Bottom Oliver Plow

Four-Bottom Oliver Plow - The Farmers' Museum
Four-Bottom Oliver Plow
Photographic print. View of a four-bottom Oliver plow bought from Finger Lakes Equipment Company in December 1959. The cost of the plow was $730.00 at the time of purchase. It was purchased new. The plow was used on the Chapman Farm in Ovid, Seneca County, New York. The plow is situated in an open space, and in front of a lone tree near the barn and granary, which are to the left of the plow in the background. Another building, possibly a chicken coop, is behind the plow a fair distance. The ground is covered by snow. Tracks from tires are in the snow. For other photographs of equipment purchases by the owners of this farm see F0008.2013(01)-(11) and F0011.2016(02).
Physical dimensions: 
height 3.5 in ; width 5.875 in