Fly Creek Grange No. 844 - Exterior View

Fly Creek Grange No. 844 - Exterior View - The Farmers' Museum
Fly Creek Grange No. 844 - Exterior View
Photographic Print. Image shows the exterior of the Fly Creek Grange #844 located in Fly Creek, New York. On the outside of this clapboard building is a sign for "POMONA GRANGE/#16/OTSEGO COUNTY/1892/1992." Also on the outside of the building, on the left of the main sign is the crest for the Grange Patrons of Husbandry. On the right of the main sign is a map of Otsego County. The Fly Creek Grange #844 was organized in February of 1895 with eighteen charter members. The Grange built their own building between 1924 and 1928 when the building was dedicated and the mortgage signed. Per Susan Drake of the Pierstown Grange, in 1989 a motion was carried to move the Pomona Grange to the Fly Creek Grange #844 building. Per another Granger, at least one Pomona meeting a year was held at the Grange after this time. The Grange Hall was later given to the Fly Creek Area Historical Society (FCAHS), where it currently resides. The second floor of the FCAHS is still set-up like the Grange Main Hall with original staves, stations, and other furniture. On the reverse of the photograph is handwritten: EXTERIOR VIEW/FLY CREEK GRANGE, NY/2000/ANDY BAUGNET.
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