Field of Big Crop Ensilage Corn

Field of Big Crop Ensilage Corn - The Farmers' Museum
Field of Big Crop Ensilage Corn
Photographic print. View of Jesse Crandall's crop of Big Crop ensilage corn grown in 1929 in Fort Ann, Washington County, New York. Crandall had grown this corn for three years and in the third year switched his entire crop to Big Crop corn from Gardner Seed. In this year he took in an estimated 20 tons per acre of corn compared to ten to twelve ton in other years. In the photograph Crandall stands next to his corn field with a small child. This photograph was part of an archive documenting seeds sold under the name Growmore Seeds by Gardner Seed Company, Rochester, New York.
Physical dimensions: 
height 9.5 in ; width 7.5 in