Family by Barn

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Family by Barn
Glass plate negative. A group of people pose in front of a fence outside a barn. On the left, in front of the fence, in a small group are two men in the back and a woman and boy in front. To the group's right, behind the fence, a young man in a suit stands with a dark colored horse. In front of the fence to the right is a larger group with a man standing in the back. In front of him are two women and two girls, one younger than the other. Another woman stands to this group's right holding the bridle to a horse that stands behind the fence. In the background a carriage is parked behind the barn and another barn or outbuilding is to the right of the larger barn. A large tree is in front of the group. "Smith" is handwritten on the envelope.
Physical dimensions: 
height 4 in ; width 5 in