F.A. Gifford Agricultural Ware House

F.A. Gifford Agricultural Ware House - The Farmers' Museum
F.A. Gifford Agricultural Ware House
Photographic print. Exterior view of the F.A. Gifford Agricultural Ware House in Hudson, Columbia County, New York. The side of the building advertises many types of farming equipment including buckeye machinery - mowing machines, plows, harrows, corn shellers. Also advertised are horse powered threshers, cultivators, horse rakes, corn planters and straw stack cutters. In front of the warehouse are various types of hand equipment including hay forks, hoes, axes, grain cradles, shears and more. Lined up in front of the building are several types of walking plows including a sub-soil plow, a sandy land plow, a sweep stock, a breaking plow or mixed land plow, and a knife plow. A horse-drawn mowing machine is to the left of the building. The photograph is mounted on a board.
Physical dimensions: 
height 8.25 in ; width 10.5 in