E.A. Rowley Orchard

E.A. Rowley Orchard - The Farmers' Museum
E.A. Rowley Orchard
Photographic print. Several men pose in an apple orchard. Four men stand on tall wooden ladders that are against the apple trees. Each man holds a basket full of apples. A man and boy sit on barrels on a horse-drawn wagon on the left. A sign hangs from two barrels with "E.A. Rowley Orchard Sold to Henry Seal" printed on it. Two men stand on the left of a sorting bin, one man holding a basket of apples and the other man holding two apples in each hand. Four other men stand on the right side of the sorting basket. Several wooden barrels are in the foreground with apples filling or sitting on the lid of the barrels. Three barrels are turned on their side in the center of the photo and have "Geo. Middendorf & Co, Chicago" and "Baldwin" painted on the lids. A small wooden basket is on top of a barrel on the right. "G. H. Hammond Co, Hammond, Ind., U.S.A, Canned Meats" is printed on the side. Mounted on a gray board. Mention of this orchard can be found in the Rural New Yorker, Vol. 61, ca. 1902.
Physical dimensions: 
height 7.25 in ; width 9.5 in