Comic - Cow Paths that Lead Far Apart

Comic - Cow Paths that Lead Far Apart - The Farmers' Museum
Comic - Cow Paths that Lead Far Apart
Transparency, Lantern Slide. Handwritten label on slide states: "Comic. Cow paths that lead far apart." Slide is from the Cornell University, Dept. of Dairy Industry and was part of an educational slide show. Comic illustration shows a herd of cows at the bottom, center of the slide with the words "The Dairy Cows of Illinois. A Million Strong." Part of the cows go to the right side where there is a circular barn and large farmhouse shown. Under the cows going down that path it reads "This Fourth of Cows makes Dairying Profitable." Above the cows a caption reads "Average 301 lb. butterfat per yr. Income $69.32; Profits $31.32 per cow." On the left side is pictured an old one and a half story barn with a small farmhouse. Under the cows walking that way the caption reads: "1/4 of them all follow this path - no profit." On the other side of the path, a caption reads: 133 lb. butterfat per cow, per yr. Income $30.77; Profit $.77 per year." In the center of the comic above the herd of cows is a bubble with a spring scale and a Babcock Tester (?).
Physical dimensions: 
film size 3 1/4" x 4"