Comic. Business Leaks.

Comic. Business Leaks. - The Farmers' Museum
Comic. Business Leaks.
Transparency, Lantern Slide. Handwritten label on slide states: "Comic. Business Leaks." Slide is from the Cornell University, Dept. of Dairy Industry and was part of an educational slide show. At the top of the comic is says "Leaks" and at the bottom the caption reads "Run Your Own Business." Image shows a comic with a man and devil figures in a city scene. The man is hitting a devil figure with a bat that says "Modern Methods." Other devil figures surrounding the man say the following on them: "Shiftlessness," "Clerk's Errors, "Dead Beats," "Forgotten Charges,"Hatred," "Wasted Time." A garbage can is tipped over in the center and papers are spilling out that say "Lost Accounts" on them.
Physical dimensions: 
film size 3 1/4" x 4"