Building on the Farm (4)

Building on the Farm (4) - The Farmers' Museum
Building on the Farm (4)
Slide transparency. A farm sits on a hillside edged with bare trees and barbed wire fences. At the center right of the photograph are several homes and buildings, including a trailer home or mobile house, a large red barn, and four cement-stave silos. In front of those finished buildings is the wooden frame of something in the process of being built. A wagon and several cows, perhaps Holsteins, are scattered around the barnyard. Above the center line of buildings, there is another cluster, partially hidden by the trees. There seems to be another work in progress near these buildings. At the top of the hill, to the left of the previous buildings mentioned, are several additional buildings, while in the top right corner of the photograph, two silage wagons(?) and another piece of equipment are parked in a field. Closest to the photographer, a home or building on the opposite hill looks across to the scene described.
Physical dimensions: 
height 2 in ; width 2 in