Boyhood home of C.E. Bradish

Boyhood home of C.E. Bradish - The Farmers' Museum
Boyhood home of C.E. Bradish
Quarter-plate daguerreotype. Image shows the boyhood home of Charles Eugene Bradish (son of Horace Clark Bradish and Elizabeth Coventry Wade) located in or near Rochester, New York. Image is of a white, greek-revival "upright -and-wing" style farmhouse, as evidenced by the simple gable roof. A wing is off to the right side of the farmhouse. Off the front of the wing is an open-air porch. The first floor of the wing, may have contained the dining area or served as a home office. The third portion of the house is an addition off the back of the wing. The second floor, above the kitchen, may have served as sleeping quarters for hired help or otherwise. A central chimney is part of the main part of the house and another chimney appears over the top of the wing, potentially as part of the back addition. A unidentified person stands on the porch. To the right of the house is a barn with gable roof. Split wood may be stacked in front of the barn. A picket fence stands in front of the house. Handwritten on the scrap of paper inside the daguerreotype is CE BRADISH BOYHOOD HOME IN NEW YORK STATE. The daguerreotype is housed in a leather, embossed case with a gold matte and filament. Red velvet embossed fabric lines the inside cover of the case. A scroll and vase design is evident. On the outside of the case (front and back) is an embossed design including a star-like design with scrollwork around the edges. A bethlehem star is in the center of the embossed design. Scroll detail surrounds the central design and gold banding around the outer edge.
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