Barn with Windmill and Shock of Corn

Barn with Windmill and Shock of Corn - The Farmers' Museum
Barn with Windmill and Shock of Corn
Real photo postcard. View of a farm with a large gambrel roof barn, two to three story barn that has sheathed siding and a cement or stone foundation. Two ventilation cupolas are on the roof. A short wooden silo, barely above the roof-line is in front of the barn, as is a small entry building. To the right of this small addition is a windmill. A small outbuilding is to the right of the windmill. Two spindly pine trees are in front of this building. In front of the barn is a small structure or it is possibly on the corner of the entry to the barn. It is a tower-like structure with a door in the front. Its purpose is unknown. On the left side of the photograph is a lone shock of corn.
Physical dimensions: 
height 3.375 in ; width 5.375 in