Barn in Disrepair

Barn in Disrepair - The Farmers' Museum
Barn in Disrepair
Glass plate negative. Two men sit atop a barn in deteriorating condition. The roof is dipping toward the center of the building. The clapboards on the left side of the barn are detached, lifting or falling off the side of the building. The front of the building may have scaffolding above the door, though not so sturdy. The windows on the front of the barn are not square and most do not have window sashes. The animal pen on the right side is detaching from the main building and there is a significant gap above the center portion of the adjoining buildings. The clapboards on this portion of the building are gone. A silo is in partial disrepair on the back left of the building. Corn grows in the foreground in the dry, dusty earth. Two pails sit on the ground on the right side of the photograph. It is likely mid summer.
Physical dimensions: 
height 4 in ; width 5 in