Barn Along a Country Road

Barn Along a Country Road - The Farmers' Museum
Barn Along a Country Road
Glass plate negative. An 18th Century barn stands on the edge of a dirt country road. A small bridge is just before the barn spanning a small creek or stream. The road curves into the bridge. Along the left edge of the road is a fenced in pasture. The barn is on the right side of the road just past the bridge. It has an entry door on the left and at least two windows in the center of the building to the right of the doorway. The barn sits on the left side of the stream that runs through the farm property. A large amount of split wood is piled and spills from the barn on the left side. A bar-way to the left of the barn leads into a field behind the barn that extends up the side hill to the left. A large pine is in the foreground on the left.
Physical dimensions: 
height 5 in ; width 7 in